Woodpecker Takes A Ride Through Downtown Chicago On Side Of A Car. This Is So Cute….

woodpecker hitches a ride on car

A cute little woodpecker has decided to hitch a ride through the streets of Chicago instead of flying.  This is something you don’t see every day.

Can you imagine driving on your way to work and all of a sudden you have a hitch hiker on your car!  A man is on his way to work on a rainy day.  The Chicago streets are very busy at this time of the morning.

It can be a very dangerous place for a bird to be flying, much less riding on the side of a car.  This man is having a great conversation with this little guy.  He appears to be listening to every word.

The man is no more than a foot from this beautiful woodpecker.  And the bird doesn’t seem to mind at all.  He certainly isn’t camera shy.  The conversation might be one sided, but it is so cute.


Even when the car has to stop at a stop sign, the woodpecker does not get off.  What a wonderful experience it would be to be able to get this close to such a beautiful bird.

The driver is being very careful not to drive too fast.  He doesn’t want to blow the hitch hiker off of the door.   In the video below you will get to share this amazing experience with a man who is just on his way to work.

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