Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife – Tim Hawkins. Hilarious Song…

Wife Song Tim Hawkins

This song ‘Things you don’t say to your wife’ is simply hilarious.  Tim Hawkins is a very funny man.

Christian comedian dad and husband Tim Hawkins has been married for quite some time.  And he knows a thing or two about what not to say and do in a marriage.

Tim was a grocery truck driver in 2002 but decided to give that up to become one of the most in-demand comedians in the country.  He is also a songwriter and a singer.  Hawkins bases his materials on such topics as marriage, homeschooling and parenting.  He is such a funny man to watch and listen too.

I am sure that we can relate to one or more of his many hilarious jabs at simple things in life.  What a fun way to make a living.  He has been married to wife Heather since 1993 and they have four children-three boys and a girl.  Can you imagine being married to this guy?  I will bet that he is a laugh a minute.  And his kids must have a fun time with him too.  In the video below you are going to get to enjoy this very funny man.  I hope you laugh as much as I did.


Hawkins has released five CDs and nine DVDs since 2002.  I know that I can relate to one or more of the funny things he warns married men NOT to say to their wives.  See how many you can relate too.

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