I Am Still Laughing…Cats At Their Funniest, Wait Til You See This…

Funny Cat Compilation

This is for all you cat lovers out there, and even for people who might not be.  These funny cat compilations will have you laughing out loud.

Cats are simply awesome pets and super funny too.  Felines can have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

Think of all the fun you can have with them, hours and hours of entertainment.  When you are feeling down who can make you feel better?

In ancient times cats were worshiped as a symbol of life in Egypt.  They were also pets of ships Captains.  Felines are one of the most beloved animals in history.


Do you believe that cats have nine lives? If it is true then we are all in for a life-time of enjoyment.  One minute they are curled up on your lap with that calming purr and the next minute they are chasing the dog or stealing their beds.  Cats love to climb up on the highest perch they can find and watch us.

The first clip in the video below shows just how cats dominate the household.  This dog knows better than to try to go after his toys with that cat around!

They love to chase anything that moves.  A light beam can keep them busy for hours or a piece of string tied to their tail (of course you have to not tie it too tight!).  A simple box is more wanted than an expensive tower.

You will never look at a purring kitty the same way after watching this compilation of feline antics.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.  Share if you know of someone who needs a good laugh.[mashshare]


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