Skidboot Is One Of The Smartest Dogs In The World. You Won’t Believe What He Does…

Skidboot the cow dog

David Hartwig is the proud owner of Skidboot, the smartest cow dog in the world.  He will be glad to show you just how smart he is too!

David is a hard working rancher in Quinlan, Texas.  He shoes horses, which is very hard work indeed.  He says he just wants to make an honest day’s pay.

His wife had a cow dog named Skidboot, who was always in trouble.  So much so, that the neighbors began to complain about him.  It looked like he was going to have to go.  This pup was just causing too much trouble for the Hartwigs.

So one day they decided to give Skidboot away.  Then almost by accident David made a connection with Skidboot, one that would take them on national tv.


David started working with him, teaching him different tricks.  He was so willing to learn and please David.  He could tell Skidboot to go get a toy and have him stop half way there.  This doesn’t sound like much, but watch the video below and you won’t believe what he can do.

As David taught him more and more tricks, they started entertaining at rodeos and this is where people started taking notice of this amazing pair.  Then it was off to national tv where they have been on numerous shows.

This story is so touching.  To think that Skidboot was almost given away!  He just needed the right direction and that special touch.  Don’t give up on those difficult pets.  Please like and share this wonderful story.[mashshare]


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