Her Reaction To An Airplane Ride Is Priceless. Laughter Is So Contagious. You Need To Hear This…

Little Girls Airplane Ride with Father

This little girl is getting an airplane ride of a lifetime.  Her father is taking her up for some amazing twists and turns, the laughter is so contagious!

Laughter is truly the sweetest sound in the world.  The laughter of a child simply warms your heart.  This little girl is taking a ride with her dad, you can see that she feels safe and secure.

This father is making memories with his daughter that she is not going to forget.  This will stay with her throughout her lifetime.

She is so adorable that she makes you laugh right along with her.  They are from Canada and speaking French.  But no matter if you speak French or not, you can guess what she is saying. It sounds like the father is speaking French from France and the little girl is speaking Quebecois.  I am pretty sure that she is asking for more, more.  Also I think she is saying ‘Papa, again, I want my head upside down’.


She will be addicted to planes and flying after this great adventure.  You never know where it will take your child when you share your time and love with them.

In the video below you can see just what a great time she is having and I can’t stop laughing every time I watch these two.  What a wonderful example of a father this man is.  Her laughter so contagious I love it.

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