Puppy Sees Her First Rain. This Is So Adorable, Just Like A Kid…

Puppies first rain

This puppy is seeing her first rain.  She is just like a kid with a new toy. So full of curiosity, everything is new to them.

How adorable is this little fur ball!  Her name is Shelby and she is an English Bulldog.  Can you imagine a child seeing something for the first time and not knowing what it is, but it is absolutely the best thing ever.

This little girl doesn’t know what to do with it, but she is trying to figure it out.  Oh if life were always this fun and simple.

When Shelby experienced her first rain she was so confused, wondering what was dropping on her head.  ‘Hey, where is that coming from?  What is it?  Come on, what is going on here?’ I can only imagine what is going through this little girls mind.


I love her adorable pudgy face, isn’t she the cuties thing you have ever seen?  This pup is having a blast experiencing her first rain.  It may not seem like much, but getting to see these little blessings just touch my soul.

Kids are not the only ones who are curious and adventurous-puppies are too.  If you are looking for another reason to love the rain, here it is.  In the video below you will get to enjoy her reactions to this simple thing called rain.

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