This Pet Interview Is Amazing. You Won’t Want To Miss A Word…

guinea pig interview

You won’t want to miss this interview between a man and a guinea pig.  Pet interviews are hard to come by.

I have been scouring the internet to find interviews just like this one.  This interview had some very good informative information into the thoughts of pets.

Have you ever wondered what your pet might like as a friend?  We have the ability to choose our group of friends; no one likes to be alone, right?

What are the possibilities that your pet needs a friend too?  They might like a different animal than themselves.  Humans might only take care of part of their needs. Maybe we are not stimulating enough or creative enough.  These are some pretty serious considerations after all. Maybe we need to consider what happens with our pets when we are away all day.  What do they have to do?  What would they like to be doing?


We get our pets the necessities to survive, like food, water, shelter and a safe home.  We might even give them a toy or two.  I am sure they get some form of exercise, hopefully on a daily bases.  But you also need to keep them mentally stimulated, right?

In the video below, you might get some insight into the needs of this guinea pig and maybe you can apply it to your pets needs.

Of course this is all in fun to hopefully make you laugh and smile.  Please like and share.[mashshare]


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