Little Girl Gives A Street Musician Coins And Gets The Surprise Of Her Life. You Really Need To See This…

little girl, street musician

Little girl drops coins into a street musicians hat.  What happens next is unbelievable.

Music is so good for your mind and soul.  The act of this little girl starts something beautiful for the people in Sabadell, Spain.  Tourists and villagers alike are entertained and amazed by what is happening.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’ was the final movement of his last symphony, Symphony #9.  This was arguably his most famous symphony.  Little did he know just how his music could bring people together.  Young and old are joining in.

This flashmob was put together by the city because of the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell, Spain.  They brought together 100 people from the Valles Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amias de Lopera and Coral Belles Arts. What an unexpected and unforgettable treat this would be if you happened to be vacationing at this time.


The people of the city were just as surprised and delighted as the vacationers.  What I loved the most was the reactions of the children.  Music brings people together in a very special way.

In the video below you will see the spirit and participation that came from this seemingly simple act of a child giving money to a street musician.  This is something that she will remember for the rest of her life.

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