Let Them Be Little. A Beautiful Song Every Parent Needs To Hear…

Let Them Be Little

This song about our precious little children is so beautiful.  Every parent needs to hear this.

As a parent it is OK to have that much needed good cry about how much we love our little ones and just how fast time goes by.  It seems like in a heartbeat they are grown and gone.

We have so little time with these precious souls.  I hope we make the most of what time we have and make wonderful memories with them.   When I heard this song, it made me cry and I thought of my children and all the other parents out there with kids.  I know life gets so very busy and we get caught up in life’s struggles.  We should treasure the moments when our kids are little, since we can never get those moments back. And while we are treasuring those moments, we need to give them hope and praise and love.

But please remember that they are waiting for your attention and love.  They are the most important little souls in this world.  Memories are made every day with our kids; hopefully they are wonderful, everlasting and inspiring memories that our kids will remember the rest of their lives.


Remember to let them be little and enjoy life while they are kids.  Life happens fast enough.  I enjoyed taking my kids camping, riding, outdoor theaters, smores, stories and so much more.  What are some of your memories with your kids?  Be sure to hug your kids tight and love them with all your heart.

Please enjoy the video below by Lonestar and then go enjoy your summer.  Like and share with someone who loves children.[mashshare]


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