Lazy Dog Does Not Want To Leave The Park. So He Does This…

lazy dog

This lazy dog does not want to leave the park!  Talk about a man with patience.  His pup is too funny.

The video was taken by some people out enjoying a sunny day at the park.  It is just hilarious.  They capture a golden retriever and his owner taking a leisurely stroll through the park.  when dog decides he is just not quite ready to leave he does something unexpected.  And he is letting his owner know in a way that only a dog could do.

The guy should be given an award for patience.  Instead of getting upset with this big baby, he tries different techniques.   He tries pulling on his collar, and then he tries pulling on his legs.  It is so cute!  He tries a few other things too, but this boy is just not having any of it.

I would hope that all pet owners could be as patient and understanding as this man.  He just keeps trying without getting upset to get his dog to move.  How far would you go with a pet who is as stubborn is this dog?  They are truly man’s best friend.


What an awesome man.  Our pets deserve to be appreciated and loved.  The interaction between these two is so fun to watch.  The video below is just one of those feel-good videos.  It just makes you glad that there are people out there who love their animals so much.

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