Did You Know That Dogs Could Talk? Did He Just Say…

Talking Dog

I can’t believe my ears.  This dog is talking with his owner and you won’t believe what it is about!

This has to be one of the best dog teases ever.  The owner of this very intelligent dog is talking with him about something that is making this dog crazy.

You know that he knows what the man is saying to him. Don’t you talk with your animals?  Do you wait long enough for an answer?  Maybe we are not listening or not taking the time to wait for them to respond.

I love talking with my animals.  They don’t argue with you and they think everything you say is right.  Animals are so loving and very loyal beings.


I believe all animals can talk, in their own way.  We might want to spend more time trying to learn the language of our pets.  They are able to express themselves in very unique ways.

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