Kitten Rescued By Dying Girl. Beautiful Story You Won’t Want To Miss…

Rescue Cat For Dying Girl

This is a beautiful story of a young girl who rescued a kitten while she herself was dying.  Then this kitten does something amazing.  This is one of those stories that will stay with you for some time.

Kylie Myers was a wonderful, unexpected surprise for the Myers’ family.  From the day she was born they called her Smiley Kylie.  She was always smiling and joking.  She could make the best of any situation.  Everyone loved this energetic young girl.  Kylie loved the stage and she was good at it too.

This beautiful girl was such a joy to be around, always with a smile on her face.  Then at the tender age of 12 she was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer.  This is a cancer that causes great pain.  With rare exceptions, cancer that has spread to the bones can’t be cured.

Through all of her brutal treatments Kylie found a way to make light of her situation and smile.  One day she asked for a kitten.  Mom and dad thought that they should wait until they got her home and then talk about this.


But on the last day of her treatment, doctors discovered that the cancer had spread throughout her body. “They knew at this point, she wasn’t going to make it,” her mom, Robin, said. That’s when Kylie asked for a kitten again.

Within an hour of arriving home, Kylie got a surprise.  A little bundle of fur came from the nearby rescue organization who needed some TLC.  With a big smile Kylie said her name is ‘Eliza and you shall call her Liza’.  In the video below you will see and hear how this little bundle brought joy to Kylie and rescues her family. We don’t realize just how much animals can love and support us in times of need.

Please share this beautiful story with everyone.  It is guaranteed to make you cry.[mashshare]


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