An Inverted Aquarium? You Really Need To See This One!

Inverted Fish Aquarium

Have you ever seen an inverted aquarium?  This is simply amazing! Since spring is on the way this is something that I want to try.

If you enjoy fish tanks, you might like this cool trick that creates space for fish to swim in above the water level.

How can you have water above the water level?  This works thanks to the physics of atmospheric pressure. This space is called a vacuum suspended fish tank and uses a glass tank, to create what amounts to a tank above the water level.

These tanks are also known as “watch-towers” or “viewing towers”. A normal fish’s life is spent under water.  Now they can enjoy the view from above the water line. And we will enjoy them as well.


Inverted aquariums are not a new concept.  They have been around for several years. There are a variety of objects you can use for this.  The ideas are endless.  One man used water bottles.  You can also use a smaller aquarium and invert it into your existing one using the same principal as this project.

The video below shows how to make this beautiful “watch tower”.  What a wonderful project to do with your kids.

This DIY project requires some building skills, tools for creating a water-tight box and a way to pump air out of your tank and fill with water. Some of the tools you will need are metal frame, zip ties, rubber, glass, vacuum, and hammer.

You could make your inverted aquarium round, square, rectangle or almost any shape depending on your skill level and your vision.  Enjoy![mashshare]


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