Guilty Dog Knows He Has Been Caught. When You See His Face You Will Feel So Sorry For Him…

Denver the guilty dog

I have never seen a guiltier face than this dog.  This guy knows he has been caught.

These two dogs have been home alone for a while and must have gotten bored.  Their owner had just stepped out for a few minutes.  A lot can happen in a short time.  This might be a good lesson that we need to have things for our pets to do while we are away.

That is when someone got into mischief.  When the owner comes home and sees something on the floor that doesn’t belong there he starts questioning the dogs.

Will one of these pups give up the other?  Their owner picks up the evidence with the bite mark on it, now he starts with Macy first.  He puts the bite mark up to Macy’s face to see if it matches and asks if she did it.  The look that he got tells her story.


Next he starts questioning Denver.  It is some pretty tough questioning.  This dog is trying to out, but the pressure is on. Will he be able to do it? This is all caught on video and you can see what happens below.

At first Denver is trying to stay calm and cool.  He doesn’t want to give anything away.  But it was pretty intense and he had to finally give up the guilty one.

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