Great DIY On How To Make A Terrarium. Looks So Easy!

Learn how to make your own Terrarium

In this video we will learn how to make a beautiful Terrarium.  The instructor makes it look so easy.

She is going to show us how to layer the container so that our plants are able to use the maximum area to grow.  In her first example she uses the East Indian polypody fern, decorative moss and pine cones.  Love this little container.

In the next container you will need some activated charcoal (this helps eliminate odor), large and small pebbles, organic plant soil (the soil you use depends on what plants you are going to be planting), regular house plants, and decorative moss.

Did you know that if you have too many stones in the bottom of your pot or container your plants could get root rot?  I have always put a thick layer down thinking it helps with drainage.  In this case, it is a bad thing.


Too many stones can create puddles, whereas the soil will wick the moisture up.  Also you want to be sure not to over water your terrarium.  You just want enough to moisten the root balls.  In the video below she will show us just how easy this project is.

Many a plant of mine has been killed with kindness (over-watering).  Our instructor has a great idea; she just uses a syringe so that she knows exactly how much water she is giving to the plants.

Whether the weather is cold or hot outside, inside you can always enjoy these lovely potted plants.  I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.  If you like this video please share.[mashshare]


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