This Is Too Good! Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials. Wait Til You See This…

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials 2016

I love these Super Bowl Commercials.  They just make me laugh and smile.

It is nice to have a change of pace from all the negative things going on around us.  This is a great stress reliever.  Super Bowl commercials, I think, just keep getting better.

Oh my word!  The Marilyn Monroe one is a shocker.  Wait until you see those legs.

There are of course the classics, but these are fun to watch.  I love the commercial about the dad who is sending his daughter out on a date.  Too Funny!!  Dads you need to watch this one.  It might help you out when the time comes.


We all know what it is like when you have an older brother or sister.  You might even be one.  Always teasing and picking until you almost cry.  But you know that they will always be there for you when things are tough.

Wait until you see the ultrasound.  In the video below you won’t believe what happens to this mom.  Sometimes you wonder what your husband could be thinking.

Do you love wiener dogs?  Someone has a funny sense of humor.  We like our pets almost more than some people we know, right?

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl commercials?  I love the Budweiser Clydesdale.  Also Mean Joe Green football player and the Coca Cola commercial with the little boy was a classic. There are so many to choose from.

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