You Won’t Believe What They Found Frozen In The Snow. Was This Kitten Alive?

frozen kitten

In a foot of fresh white snow this family found something frozen on the ground.  How were they able to find a white kitten in white snow?

On Thanksgiving morning at a cabin they had rented in Bear Valley a family was outside playing in the snow.  The boys were sliding down the slide, throwing snowballs, laughing and playing.  This was going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fun and miracles.

Suddenly one of the boys thought he had seen something in the bright white snow.  He headed over through the foot deep snow, not sure of what he was about to discover.  There in the freezing air and deep snow lay a frozen white kitten.  How he seen this kitten is a miracle.  They rushed over and picked up the kitten.  It was lifeless and stiff.

The boys rushed it back to the house, one of them was sure that he seen the kitten breathing.  So the fight for this baby’s life began.  They brought it inside to the fire and started rubbing the kitten; it went on for more than an hour.


Nothing seemed to be working.  But no one was willing to give up even though it looked like the little one was dead.  Everyone was so disappointed.  In the video below you will see all the efforts that went into trying to revive the kitten.

Will they be able to bring it back to life?  Please like and share this holiday story that brought a family closer together.[mashshare]


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