Fishing Bloopers And Fails – Even If You Don’t Like Fishing, This Is Hilarious

fishing bloopers

Fishing can be so fun, but bloopers can happen to the best of the best.

In this video with Bill Dance the fishing guy, he seems to always be doing something wrong.  And things just keep going sideways for him too.  I guess that is what keeps fishing fun!

Even if you don’t like fishing, this is so funny to watch.  It is especially funny when you know this guy is a great fisherman.  Most of the time he just keeps his cool, but he does have his moments when things get the best of him.

Even the cameramen get caught up in some bloopers, I wander if their cameras survive, they look awfully expensive.  Bill loves to show us the latest and greatest in fishing, but when your fishing poles come back and attack you!  What a job he has, out on the water all day with a pole in the water.  Well, your pole is supposed to be in the water, not stuck in a tree or worse, a snake falls out of a tree into your boat!


I am not a fisherman but it looks like it would be a nice relaxing time, if things went right.  In the video below we get to see what could happen when you aren’t paying attention to what you are doing.

I hope you enjoy all the fun times Bill has fishing, please like and share with someone who loves fishing or just loves a good laugh.[mashshare]


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