What Is A Dogs Purpose In Life? How Many Can You Think Of?

Things Dogs Teach Us

I think almost everyone wants a dog at some point in their life.  Dogs can teach us so many valuable lessons if we let them. What is their purpose?

One of their many talents is to listen.  When you need someone and there is not a friend in site, who will always be there?  And they never disagree with you.

Dogs love to go for walks, jogging or even hiking.  They are wonderful exercise buddies.  Where ever you want to go your dog will follow. They want to be your constant companion.

Have you ever just wanted to relax?  Just lie around and watch TV, read a book or listen to music?  They are right there with you.


Dogs have unconditional love for their family.  Some dogs have an uncanny way of protecting and watching over the young as well as the elderly.

Canines have overcome some horrific tragedies.   Whether inflicted on them by people or unfortunate accidents, they are very resilient.  In the video below you can see just how big their hearts are. They want so badly to please you.

Dogs are very loyal.  Some have been known to stay by the grave of a loved one for days.  You know their hearts are broken.

I love the service dogs that do so much for the disabled.  Dogs are also used to help comfort those that are in hospitals or even the elderly in rest homes.

Military dogs are amazing.  They search for bombs, protect their partner, and risk their lives without hesitation.

I don’t think we realize the role that these guys play in our lives.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could love and enjoy life as much as dogs do when they are given the chance?[mashshare]


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