When Your Dog Loves To Rock Out to the Blues…

Bulldog Rockin Out

When your dog loves to rock out to the blues, you can’t help but smile.  This bulldog is deaf but when he feels that guitar playing, he starts dancing.

Dog owner – Jamynne Bowles (Shooter), with Ashland Miller on the guitar, love to watch this groupie rock to the vibes of the Blues.  You don’t have to hear the music to feel it in your soul.

As you can see this pup is perfectly healthy and happy despite his hearing loss.  He is enjoying life to the fullest.  Anytime he feels the music playing, he starts movin and groovin.  Just look at that face!

I just can’t stop smiling watching this adorable bulldog.  You can see in the video below there is nothing better than a good song.  He is actually keeping time with the music.


Apparently the other dog just doesn’t get it.  Some of us have it and some of us don’t!  Hopefully he will figure it out and enjoy the tunes as much as this boy does.

The guitarist is having a great time singing about the pup. The man who is filming can’t hardly keep himself from laughing.  What a wonderful way for this dog to feel the beat.  It warms your heart and soul.

Please share this story about this darling, deaf bulldog rocking out with everyone you know on Facebook today.  We all need a little smile every now and then.[mashshare]


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