Cutting Fruit Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. It Can Be Fun…

Cutting Fruit

Here are a few life hacks that will make cutting your fruit and vegetables a little easier.  It doesn’t need to be something you dread.

Summer is just around the corner.  Of course this is good anytime of the year, but when fruits come into season we just seem to enjoy and eat more of it.

These little tricks not only make it quicker to cut your fruits and veggies, but it also makes them look more appetizing.  It makes life so much easier when we can get things done faster.

I love the easy way that you can core your strawberries with a straw!  This would be a fun way for kids to get involved with the preparations.


Watermelon is one of my most favorite fruits.  It is so juicy and so very messy.  This hack is quick and easy.  Very little mess and the little hands can hold it easier.

If you are like me, tomatoes are one of the messiest of veggies to cut.  Cherry tomatoes due to their small size, take even longer to cut.  In the video below they show you an easy and clean way to cut these and they look great.

Avocados are always a challenge, but not anymore.  This is so easy and looks great too.  A wonderful look for salads or just eating as they are.

I hope you enjoy these easy hacks as much as I did.  Get your kids involved in the preparations and they might learn a healthier way of eating.  Please like and share.[mashshare]

Because life is hard but cutting fruit doesn't have to be 🍉🍓🍍🥑

Because life is hard but cutting fruit doesn't have to be 🍉🍓🍍🥑

Posted by Blossom on Saturday, March 25, 2017


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