Might Be One Of The Craziest Cat Stories Ever…


If you are a cat owner, you know how temperamental cats can be.  Felines come to you when they feel like it and then they might let you pet them – when they want you too!  They like to hide in cracks and crevices.  Cats also like to be in high places.

Have you ever tried to give a cat a bath?  Not all cats are this way, but my cats do not like water.  They can scratch, bite, twist and turn in the most bizarre ways. Then you have to dry and comb them, if they will let you.

Cats love to sleep.  They sleep 12 to 16 hours a day, therefore they play at night.  Felines kind of do whatever they want to do.  Cats have a mind of their own, I think that is why we love them so much. Can you imagine trying to herd 10,000 half wild short-haired cats?

I have always been amazed by what cowboys can do. But herding wild cats was one I hadn’t expected! This can be a very dangerous job as shown in this video. As one of the cowboys stated, ‘You see the movies, you hear the stories, I’m living a dream.’


The long dusty miles, heat and dangerous water crossings! Trying to move a herd of cats during the day! (we all know they love their sleep).  These cowboys went through a lot to bring us our furry friends.  I couldn’t stop smiling.

Cowboys have so much patience and dedication to their job.  Who but cowboys would be able to do this job. I hope this video makes you smile as much as I did.  Enjoy!

Some of the funniest commercials by EDS.  info@fallon.com[mashshare]


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