Cake In A Bottle! You Are Going To Love This…

Soda Bottle Cake

This is the cutest thing ever!  Cake in a bottle!  This would be great to take to a party or BBQ.

So yummy makes this cake look so easy.  I love it and it tastes great.  You will be the hit of any party.

In the video below you can see what a wonderful addition it would be at any outing or surprise party.  It is worth the time to make it.

You might even fool a few people with how realistic it looks.  But when you start cutting into it, that is when the fun begins.  If you are a chocolate lover, this one is for you.  White and dark chocolate together.  Could this get any better?


This could be baby’s first birthday, a graduation celebration addition, date night at home. The possibilities are endless.

Below you will find the recipe.  It really is a simple and fun thing to do.  Your kids would love to help with this one.  What a great way to share some fun with them.  This would be great for a sleep-over for kids too.

I hope you enjoy this fun cake idea as much as my family did.  Please like and share if you know someone who would love it too.


– 1 empty 2-liter bottle of Cola

– 2 bags dark chocolate Candy Melts

– 1 bag white chocolate Candy Melts

– 1 large chocolate sheet cake

– 4 cups vanilla buttercream


  1. Carefully remove the label from the cola bottle and reserve it, then empty the bottle.
  2. Cut the bottle in half.
  3. Melt the white chocolate Candy Melts and pour about ¾ of a cup’s worth into the neck of the bottle. (Make sure the cap is on.) Then, swirl the chocolate so that it coats the neck and top fifth of the bottle. This will serve as the ‘foam’ at the top of the bottle. Set aside and let the chocolate set.
  4. Melt two bags of dark chocolate Candy Melts and pour half into the top half of the bottle, covering the already-set white chocolate and the remainder of the exposed plastic. Let this set until completely hard. This forms the top half of the bottle.
  5. Repeat the for the other half of the bottle, using the remaining melted dark chocolate and let set. This forms the bottom half of your bottle.
  6. Once both halves have hardened completely, gently pull them out of their plastic shells. If this is difficult, you can make a small slit in the plastic with a scissor, to loosen it.
  7. Punch rounds of cake out of the sheet cake, using a cookie cutter that fits the diameter of the inside of the bottle.
  8. Fill the bottle halves, alternating between buttercream and cake. Make sure one half ends with the buttercream on top and the other with the cake. That way, the cake will ‘glue’ together.
  9. Gently, top the bottom half of the cake with the top half, and using a little remaining melted chocolate, seal the seam and let set completely.
  10. Wrap the reserved wrapper around the middle of the bottle, sealing it with tape, and top the bottle with its lid.[mashshare]      Thank you So yummy for this awesome recipe.

Soda Bottle Cake

Coca-Cola Bottle Cake

Posted by So Yummy on Friday, March 3, 2017


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