This Blew My Mind!! A Flying Snowmobile! You Have To See This One…

Flying Snowmobile

I love winter sports as much as the next person.  But flying on a snowmobile?! No way, right!

Wrong, now there is a new sheriff in town.  Paragliding + snowmobiles = para-sledding.  This is absolutely amazing.

We snowmobile a lot, we love the country that you get to see and all the wildlife is absolutely stunning.

You get to enjoy the crisp, clean air, the thrill of a high-speed ride with snowy scenery. There is always new terrain to ride, deep powder and the groomed trails.  It is a winter wonderland out there.  Just jump on your snowmobiles and head out for some great adventures.  We love to find the highest pike to climb and just enjoy the magnificent scenery from on high.


But now you can take it to a whole new level, if you have the nerve.  Para-sledding, it has to be a major rush.  In the video below you will see what an adrenaline rush this would be.

You would get to see a whole new world from up there on your SNOWMOBILE!!  This is so crazy that I would love it.  Can you imagine the sites you would get to enjoy?

Never get stopped again by wire fences, canyons, rivers or any other obstacle. Or maybe the mountain is too steep.  Now you can just glide to the top of a mountain and have an amazing photo shoot or just set there and enjoy your lunch.

I can’t wait to give this a try.  Please like and share with someone who is always looking for the next great adventure.[mashshare]


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