Emma’s Eyes Light Up As She Gets The Most Pup-tastic Birthday Gift Ever!

Emma gets first puppy for birrhday

Emma has wanted something very special since she was about 3 years old.  When she turned 8 years old, her birthday present was just what she had been waiting for.

What a sweet reaction to this special gift.  After reading her birthday note and seeing it registering in her mind, this little girl was simply overwhelmed by what the note said. Have you ever wanted something so bad, but you thought it was out of reach?  For a child a few years is like an eternity.

Emma had been begging for a dog for as long as she had been able to talk.  This video will be all the proof that you need to know that puppies are the world’s best gifts.  I would be surprised if you can make it through the whole video without getting a little misty eyed yourself.  I know that I didn’t make it very far.

I just love to see the joy in a child’s eyes when they received their first pet.  Do you remember your first pet and the reaction you had when you got it?  Don’t you just love surprises and puppies?  Put the two together and you have a fantastic and memorable birthday for someone special.


In the video below you will get to see what a pup-tastic gift this little girl got.  You can tell by the look on her face that this little bundle of joy is going to be spoiled and loved.

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