Best Lip Sync Ever. Couple On The Verge Of An Epic Break Up Saved By Something So Simple…

Valentines Lip Sync

This couple was on the verge of a breakup but saved their marriage by some amazing lip syncing.  You won’t be able to stop watching this!

I know that I have had some heated arguments and said things that shouldn’t have been said.  It sometimes takes awhile for things to calm down between the fighting parties. But if you could find a way to help make things better faster and even make the reunion fun and enjoyable, wouldn’t you do it?

If you are in need of a pick-me-up this is it.  This video, by Kristin and Danny Adams is just too cute for words.  These two are simply amazing.  They will make your day.  I could watch this over and over again.

They are so talented and very entertaining.  I love all the costumes they have; each one is perfect for the song that they are singing.  I wonder what the neighbors are thinking as they get in and out of the car with different customs on.  They would be great as neighbors they are so adorable.  This video is so amazing and looks like it would be a fun thing to do.


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