Beautiful Instruments Made Of Ice Sound Out Of This World. You Have To Hear To Believe…

Ice Instruments

Yes, Sweden has an Ice Orchestra.  You won’t believe how beautiful it sounds. Hearing is believing.

Tim Linhart, 56, from Colorado was a stone sculpture.  But he moved to Lulea, Sweden which is just beneath the Arctic Circle.

He built himself an ice cave and started sculpting instruments out of ice.  Not just something to look at, these instruments are used in concerts that Tim and his wife put on all around the world.  The instruments are rare and fragile as they will melt with body heat.  Or any heat for that matter.

You won’t believe until you see, that they are fully functional and make the most beautiful and amazing music.  They are so fragile that the violins must be suspended on wire so there is minimal contact with the player. The process to make these instruments is very time consuming.  Along with the violins and a viola, cellos and a bass, there’s an ice banjo in this year’s lineup to accent country and bluegrass numbers.


Six- and 12-string guitars suit rock ‘n’ roll, and an ice xylophone resting on bicycle inner tubes — to aid its resonance — works across the genres. As for the orchestra’s gigantic spherical “bubble drums,” Linhart tells CNN, “they really shake your skeleton.”

Doubtless they’ll be deployed to funky effect in the — inevitably, this being Sweden — series of Abba-themed concerts among the 40 or so on the program this year.

In the video below you will see and hear the amazing sounds that come out of these extraordinary instruments.  This is simply fantastic.

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