Amazing 3 Year Old Claire Ryann, Who Has The Voice Of An Angel, Sings Gethsemane

Clarie Ryan singing Gathsemane

Claire Ryann was only 3 years old when she sang this beautiful song.  Her voice is like an angels and she sings this touching song Gethsemane with so much heart.

I have been following Claire for a few months now and I am so impressed with this young girl!  She puts her heart and soul into her singing.  For such a small little girl, she shows the love of singing you would think only a more mature person would have.

She does most of her singing with her dad.  You can see that Claire really enjoys this time with her father.  They usually just have a microphone and a guitar.  This is all that they need.  They are fantastic together.  Claire, at the time of this article, is about 4 years old now.  She has been on a few television shows and has quite a few songs.  All of which are fabulous.

This song, Gethsemane, is just in time for Easter.  Whether you are a religious person or not, her singing will touch your soul.  This song is a beautiful story and sounds absolutely perfect coming out of this little child’s mouth.


I hope you will watch the video below and just feel the passion of this song.  She is spot-on with the music and her expressions just make the song come alive.

I have watched this video several times.  I never get tired of hearing this song.  She will go far in the music world.  She is a wonder.  Please like and share with someone who would enjoy this Easter message or just enjoy a beautiful story.[mashshare]


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