9 Year Old Explains The Meaning Of Life. Wow, You Need To Hear This…

9 year old meaning of life

This 9 year old explains life and the universe better than most adults.  He has a wonderful thought pattern and I really enjoyed listening to his reasoning.

Have you ever wondered about the universe and whether there were other planets or other life forms?  This young boy is about to explain everything in very simple terms.  I love the minds of young people.

Whether you believe there is life beyond this earth or not, this explanation makes sense to this 9 year old.  Have you ever stared up at the night sky?  There are billions of little sparking stars out there.  I have read that there are more stars in the sky than the number of grains of sand on the entire planet Earth.

So is it possible that there is life beyond our planet?  This article is not to debate this question, it is to listen to this young man and hear his thought process.  It is clear that he has done some serious thinking about life and the universe.


In the video below you are in for an eye opener as this young boy tells us why he thinks there is something more out there.  He could be an amazing scientist or chemical engineer.  When asked ‘is there life on other planets’ he says “I think there probably are’ and he goes on ‘you never know for sure…it is an endless quest without knowing what your quest is’.

Oh my.  I would love to see what his life pursuits turn out to be.  Please like and share if you enjoyed this insightfulness as much as I did.[mashshare]


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